Graphic Design / Animation / VFX

Graphic design, animation, or VFX are a great way to explain a complex topic in a simple way, or to visualize aspects of a service that is not easily representable with live action footage. Additionally, it can enhance live footage by providing easy-to-digest information.

At Cairo Film Production, we provide full service Graphic design, animation, or VFX. Meaning we can storyboard, design, and animate pretty much anything.

In commercial projects all of our design is custom and in-line with the brand identity, colors, and fonts.

In creative storytelling projects our design aims to enrich the representation of the content and in the cases of fully animated projects we use the best animators in the region and across the globe to ensure the picture connects with the audience.

We continuously educate ourselves on the latest design trends to keep a fresh and modern look, while creating visual identities that push the boundaries of these trends and make the story or brand shine.