Content Development

Every project’s starting point. We tend to this particular stage with an open mind and a patient attitude while maintaining an efficient approach when it’s aligned with production schedules, our strategy ensures a healthy blend between allowing creative minds to flourish without hindering production timelines.

Content development is where it all starts for any project. Developing the right story for a film or a series, using the right words for commercials or the right formula for a talk show or a music video, whichever kind of project it is the key to a successful production starts with content development.

At Cairo Film Production, we make sure to work with the best minds in crafting scripts that fit a project’s goal and speak to the audience. We start with in depth research for any related material to a story to add a sense of authenticity to the project.

In the case of commercial based projects we perform in depth research not only on the company but also the industry and competitors. This ensures that we fully understand what we’re trying to develop and that we can end up writing something that feels like it’s coming from the client.

Whether it’s something Comedy, dramatic, or inspiring, we’ll make sure to give the project the voice it deserves while hitting the key idea’s objective.