Nile Air Go The Extra Mile For The Egyptian National Team Players

Jumping on the bandwagon is the first step of getting your brand on the spotlight, how you advertise the bandwagon is how you set yourself apart from the herd, how you be remembered after that new trend fades and another catchy trend emerges.

What you choose to present to your audience is what determines if you will resonate. The quality of your initiative and execution of your idea, how you use audience insights and deliver a clear, meaningful message is what you should be thinking of as a brand when you are trying to compete when there is a clutter of campaigns targeting the same audience.

As it turns out there is yet another brand that wants to be heard and seen. Nile Air, The Airline company sponsoring and in charge of transporting the Pharaohs (Egyptian National Football Team) to the Gabon for the CAN 2017 (Africa Cup of Nations) just released an advert, emphasizing how they gained the trust of the Trezeguet and the Egyptian national football team.

Nile Air advert in 15 hours was viewed by 56, 569 fan on Facebook, gained 2.1K reactions, shared only 807 times and 15,495 viewership on YouTube. Being an Egyptian national team sponsor and gaining such exclusivity, we would have thought that such benefits would be of much better use.